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Mission of the experienced team of Fortem Capital is to offer secure and proven products based on original real estate projects. An innovative and creative combination of the most secure ever way of investing in fixed assets and the innovative blockchain technology is a blueprint for success.

About us

We make a good team of experts in a finance and a real estate sectors that for more than 15 years have been carrying out large-scale projects. Only in the last three years we have carried out the projects of a total value exceeding PLN 150 million.

Our versatile and vast experience goes far beyond the boundaries of one branch – our team members have managed complex portfolios of large energy companies, private equity funds and held high positions in international finance institutions.

As Fortem Capital, we renovate and commercialize residential buildings, tenement buildings and other historic structures in Poland and abroad. We also invest in high-potential lands.

Our newest projects involve




We stand out with our unique designer and artistic approach to real estate, which helps us to modernize historic buildings and to give them the second, luxury youth.

Therefore, every project we complete is unique in its nature – an edgy combination of tradition, history and prestige with a fashionable, functional and tailor-made design responding to clients’ needs. Such projects involving recognizable real estate turn into attractive assets in portfolios owned by successful businesspeople.

Team spirit underlies the strength of Fortem Capital.

Common values and an innovative view on the investment market put our versatile experts together into a smooth, dynamic and courageous company. Thanks to it, our original combination of qualifications and skills enables us to consistently execute the strategy and reach business goals. It also makes it possible to deliver tangible profits as a result of carrying out investment projects of a highest quality in an effective way.

Fortem Capital is made up of passionate and ambitious individuals who respect their job and treat it as a way to express themselves. That is why we have been trusted by so many clients from the premium segment.


Manor House OSTOJÓWEK Marina Hotel & SPA

“Manor House OSTOJÓWEK” Marina Hotel & SPA

An impressive project consisting of three separate units: a well-preserved, pre-war palace “OSTOJÓWEK”, a modern hotel complex with a marina and a complex of high standard holiday houses situated by Lake Białe.

The resort is located in the heart of Mazury, the region competing for the title of one of the Seven New Wonders of Nature, among the most beautiful places in the world.

Oakland Park

Oakland Park

Oakland Park is a luxurious residential estate conveniently located in the suburbs of Warsaw, in a close proximity of a natural landscape park.

An exclusive complex of modern and very spacious single-family houses and villas is being built on the area of 22 ha.

The project involves the complex of almost 50 ha, situated in the close proximity of one of the most modern sports and leisure centres in Poland.



Jakub Cukierski


An experienced leader in the field of financial and legal supervision. A persistent and motivated expert with an outstanding analytical mind, who has managed complex portfolios of multi million zlotys of leading energy companies where he has held executive positions. For over 20 years, he has been consistently reaching his goals and successfully facing complex challenges, which makes him a guarantee of effectiveness. Jakub specializes in building financial models and verifying the ways of tax optimization of the products created for clients.

Maciej Król


A highly experienced manager. For many years he has been developing his skills working in the largest banks in the field of private banking, wealth management and private equity. He has successfully managed teams in charge of maintaining relationships with prominent clients and business partners. An excellent organizer and expert with an eye for business needs and ability to implement effective development-oriented solutions.

Dariusz Zbucki


A financial specialist. He has gained his managerial experience in largest and the most dynamic international corporations operating in the field of finance and private equity funds. Dariusz stands out both as a rational analyst and an effective manager, which makes him a successful leader who can design and implement business solutions. He excels at building and maintaining relationships with prestigious clients and business partners.

Process supervision

Marisol Ponce Jakubowska

Process Optimization Director

Bartłomiej Rosiński

Operational Director

Project Commercialization

Adam Lorens

Expander Advisors

Sales Director

Anna Król

Commercialization Director

Project Implementation

Marcin Michalski

Dom Pełen Energii

General Contractor

Karina Świeżawska

Project Manager


Łukasz Osypiuk

Creative Director

Jacek Wegera

OK2 Design

Web Development Manager

Kamil Wojtak


Content Manager


Jakub Cukierski

Board Member / CFO

Oksana Herasymenko

Finance Specialist


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